We provide products and services for accounts receivable management from inception to resolution that will improve the profitability of your business.



We handle regular open collections on a contingency basis.  If we do not collect anything, there is no charge to you.  We offer a wide range of rate structures to fit your specific needs.  All collection costs, including attorney fees, court costs and sheriff’s fees are incorporated into our fee.


We handle non-sufficient funds checks in accordance with the Wyoming State Statute.  We offer different programs from purchasing your checks to returning 100% of the face amount of the checks when collected.


Once a judgment is obtained, the court cannot make the debtor pay you your money.  That is where we come in.  We can collect on your judgment for you by finding assets to attach.


We offer the possibility of purchasing the above types of collection accounts up front so you receive money right away instead of waiting for the collection process.


Billing Services are available as a Pre-Collection product allowing you to give the debtor a last chance to pay at a low flat letter rate only being charged to you prior to the collection process.


We offer help in locating individual or business information in various types of searches such as Asset Searches, Corporation Searches, Public Record Searches, etc….


Useful marketing and credit decision-making information is vital to a company’s survival.  A.I.M., Corp. produces a Public Information Report (P.I. Report) for Natrona County, Wyoming that can supply you with this important data on a weekly basis.  Please see our Public Information Report page.


Our staff has an extensive background in the credit and collection industry.  Our consulting programs are specifically tailored to your particular business needs from suggestions to complete evaluation of your existing procedures for handling your accounts receivable.


A.I.M., Corp. looks forward to providing you with any of the above listed services your business may need.  We offer all of these services to make your accounts receivable program a smooth flowing process so you can concentrate on other important business issues.

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